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High Visibility Jackets

The Importance of Safety Clothing and Related Protective Clothing

At Enviro Safety, we are committed to bringing the latest and greatest products to the market at prices that can’t be beat. There’s been a major surge in high-visibility products over the past several years, and plenty of people make fun of how the clothes look and regard it as a fad. But the fact is that a work area where everyone can be clearly seen is objectively a safer place than one where everyone is blending into the background with dangerous equipment nearby. Hi-viz may not be easy on the eyes, but it prevents accidents in a wide variety of applications, from busy construction projects to late-night road work.

This particular page is devoted to high-visibility winter and rain jackets. Here you’ll find a combination of hi-viz design with insulation for harsh weather conditions. In rain, snow, or wind, these products will ensure that you can do your job comfortably and safely. These products are also useful for nighttime cyclists, who are required to wear reflective material anyway. Wearing high-visibility jackets while cycling will keep you warm and safe on the road.

So, what colors are considered high visibility? The familiar hi-viz is a neon green that you’ll also see on certain amusement park uniforms. It’s bright, sharp, and instantly noticeable, making it the standard hi-viz color. There’s a lot of variance to be found within that basic template. There may be orange highlights, or parts of the garment that are entirely orange, and there may also be silver reflective tape. The frequency and distribution of the colors on a given site depends on preference and conditions, but it’s popular to use one or the other color to indicate rank. Safety jackets for construction may be bought so that the team is wearing green while the foreman is wearing orange. It makes everyone easier to keep track of. Our products are available in every size, including tall sizes, and custom logo printing options.

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  1. Occunomix Class 3 Bottom Bomber Jacket

    SKU: OCCLUX-250-JB-B

    Special Price $32.95 Regular Price $43.72
  2. PIP Hi VIS Bomber Jacket Yellow Color - 1 EA

    SKU: PIP333-1550-LY

    As low as $53.99
  3. Pyramex RJ3110 Type R Class 3 Hi-Vis Jacket Lime Color - 1 / Box

    SKU: PYRRJ3110-N

    As low as $44.84
  4. MCR Big Jake BJ38JH Flame Resistant Jacket, Nomex Type R Class 3 Hi Viz


    Special Price $107.99 Regular Price $118.79
  5. Radians RW32-3Z1Y Rain Jacket, Heavy Duty Rip Stop, Waterproof

    SKU: RADRW32-3Z1Y

    As low as $74.99
  6. Occunomix Value Bomber Jacket LUX-ETJBJ- (1 Each)


    As low as $32.95
  7. Occunomix Black Bottom Type R Class 3 2-in-1 X Back Bomber Jacket (1 Each)

    SKU: OCCLUX-350-B2X

    Special Price $61.79 Regular Price $82.39
  8. Occunomix Classic Three-Way Black Bottom Bomber Jacket Yellow Color 1 Each


    Special Price $37.07 Regular Price $51.49
  9. PIP 333-1740 Bomber Jacket with Quilted Liner, Class 3 Hi Viz

    SKU: PIP333-1740

    As low as $32.39
  10. Radians Radwear SJ07 Windbreaker, Reversible 4-in-1 with Zip-Off Sleeves


    As low as $54.99
  11. Occunomix Premium Flame Resistant Rain Jacket LUX-TJR/FR Class 3


  12. Viking 6420BK Safety Fleece Hoodie

    SKU: VIK6420BK

    Special Price $36.99 Regular Price $39.99
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