3M Breathe Easy Powered Air Purifying System

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3M Breath Easy PAPRThe 3M Breathe Easy PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) Systems provide comfortable, efficient powered air respiratory protection. The 3M Breathe Easy System uses interchangeable cartridges to protect the wearer against gases, vapors and particulates. System comes complete with your choice of headgear. Choose from 3M R-Series General Purpose Helmet, 3M BE-12 Hood, 3M BE-10 Hood and a First Responder Hood. All head coverings are lightweight and durable. Hoods accommodate facial hair and personal glasses while the helmet provides ANSI hardhat protection. Turbo motor blower unit draws ambient air through a filter/cartridge/canister and supplies filtered air through the breathing tube to the headpiece. Recharged batteries provide up to 8 hours of performance. This system is good for the following industries: Abatement, Nuclear, Utilities, Smelting, Lead Reclamation, Pharmaceutical, Foundry and steel welding.

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